You can add a second AC to an RV [and how] (2023)

Sometimes running an AC RV just isn't enough to bring comfortably cool temperatures into a reasonably sized trailer. But is it possible to install a second air conditioner in the motorhome? If yes, how can you achieve this feat? We have researched for you and also consulted experts to give you the following answer.

If you are installing a second air conditioner on the roof of your RV, you may need to remove the roof vent first. Then have an assistant help you lift the second RV AC onto the roof. After defining the auxiliary unit, the next steps are:

1. Assemble and fasten the inner metal plate.2. Connect the AC cables following the instructions.3. Connect a CAT-5 cable from the AC power and connect it to the RV's thermostat.4. Connect the air conditioner to shore power.

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Remember that running a second RV AC requires proper protocols. Otherwise, the connected circuit may explode or trip. Read on as we talk about how to run two air conditioners from one trailer with minimal risk of the circuit breaker burning or tripping.

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Can a 30 amp trailer run two air conditioners?

A 30A circuit can power two RV air conditioners. However, the cables connecting both cooling units must have proper electrical management. It's not a plug and play affair, otherwise the switch could trip.

You can add a second AC to an RV [and how] (2)

Note that you cannot use more than the amount of current that a 30 amp circuit breaker can supply. So run 12 and 24 amp RV air conditionersimultaneouslyon a single circuit can trip or explode.

However, if you can hook up an air conditioner that produces four to seven amps while the compressor is running, the attached circuit may not trip. They, in turn, must have enough power for the other air conditioner.

You can also use a 50A adapter to increase the load limit for a particular switch. But this option will still havesome flaws, especially if the power supply has surge protection. Having this ability allows the switch to turn off automatically when it reaches a load of 30 amps or more, regardless of whether a 50 amp adapter is present.

You can add a second AC to an RV [and how] (3)You can add a second AC to an RV [and how] (4)

Check out this 50 amp adapter on Amazon.

If you want to learn more about how to run two air conditioners on a single 30 amp circuit, watch the video below:

Does a motorhome need to be leveled?

In most cases, RVs need to be level for appliances and electronics like air conditioningwork properly. However, some AC units can work efficiently when the vehicle is on a slight incline. An example is the Furrion Chill Rooftop AC that can do thisworkat normal efficiency when the RV is on a 15 degree incline.

How do I install a second RV air conditioner?

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Before proceeding with this project, you need to make sure that you have electrical knowledge and are confident to accomplish the task. Also, use caution when using safety equipment such as gloves and eye protection to avoid potential hazards such as electrocution.

In addition, this process may involve the removal of some parts. For example, it may be necessary to remove an overhead vent to make room for the second RV-AC unit. Consult your trailer's owner's manual or contact your vehicle's manufacturer if you are unsure how to remove it.

After removing the vent, continue to the next step:

Step by step guide

  1. Place the second AC unit in the hole where the vent was before. It is best to get help with this step as an RV is quite heavy on the roof.
  2. Assemble and fasten the metal plate bracket to the inner section of the vent hole. Then install the cover.
  3. Connect the cables that should come with the AC unit. Be sure to follow the instructions to avoid plugging the cables into the wrong jacks.
  4. Connect a CAT-5 cable from the air conditioner to the thermostat, which may require some routing planning.
  5. Connect the AC power to a 20A ground source.

You can also attach a 20A plug to the end of the second power cord to make sure you don't plug it into the wrong outlet. Also, be sure to calculate your RV's energy consumption if you connect your devices to shore power. This is because some of these power supplies have a 50A supply, while others may only have a 30 or 20A option.

Watch the video below for more information on installing a second AC unit in an RV:

Another option is to buy and use a generator for the second AC. Remember thatVR generator sizemust be appropriate. Read our post on this topic for more information.

You can add a second AC to an RV [and how] (6)You can add a second AC to an RV [and how] (7)

Check out this 20A plug replacement socket on Amazon.

How much does it cost to install a motorhome air conditioner?

Installing an RV air conditioner costsone$200 to $1,000. However, the overhead can depend on the specific unit, style and professional work. The expenses can also add up if you need to do additional work before installing the AC.

For more information about theRV AC installation costs, you can read our post on the gross cost of replacing this device.

Is it okay if an RV runs all day?

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It's okay to leave an RV running all day. However, you have to think of a few thingsPrecautionsif you plan to let the air conditioner blow cold air for a whole day.

For example, it may make sense to switch the thermostat's output power to AC. The motorhome's cooling system, in turn, is not overloaded. However, if you put the air conditioning on a low setting, you risk freezing the coils. therefore you needpay attentionadjust to the automatic cycle time of the thermostat to avoid this problem.

Leaving the air conditioner on for a long time can increase indoor humidity. You might want to use a portable dehumidifier for this purpose.

You can add a second AC to an RV [and how] (9)You can add a second AC to an RV [and how] (10)

Check out this portable dehumidifier on Amazon.

Is it OK to run an RV air conditioner when it's plugged into the home electrical system?

Connecting and using an RV air conditioner while using household electricity as the main power sourcepossible. Using two RVs at the same time can be difficult, even if you plug them into a home's power grid.

You also need to think about some important factors before completing this setup. Some of the things to think about are:

  • energy supply at home. Be sure to plug the RV AC into the correct outlet to avoid damaging or tripping over the circuit.
  • The right adapter. You may need a 30 to 15A direct adapter for setup.
  • Quite a long cable. Some lots may have long driveways, which can make it difficult to connect the air conditioner to the home's electrical system if you are using a short cord.

Also, when using AC, you cannot run multiple devices at the same time. Although the AC unit is connected to the home electrical system, other electronic devices such as a microwave or refrigerator can trip the circuit.

You can add a second AC to an RV [and how] (11)You can add a second AC to an RV [and how] (12)

Check out this 30 to 15 amp adapter on Amazon.

What size AC do I need for an RV?

In general, the size of an RV is oftenproportionalto its cooling capacity. A fairly large air conditioner can provide more cooling capacity than a relatively small model. However, the general rule of thumb to follow is to install a device with around 15,000 BTU.

10,000 BTUs may not keep RV temperatures cool enough in the summer. On the other hand, a 20,000 BTU model can increase energy costs.

Also consider the available power of the vehicle. Keep in mind that a single RV battery may not provide enough power for a typical AC RV. However, you can run a single AC power from two 6 volt deep cycle batteries. But the runtime for this setup is only about an hournot maximumbefore the energy in these batteries is exhausted.

other factorsThings to think about when installing a new RV are:

  • vehicle size
  • AC-Typ
  • Available space
  • Desired Use

last words

Practice proper safety protocols before beginning the installation of a second RV-AC unit. Also make sure that the cables are in the correct sockets to avoid problems such as short circuits. Lastly, plug the AC power into the correct power source to prevent the circuit from burning out or tripping.

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