The best 1st birthday time capsule ideas (2023)

The first birthday is a very special day for all babies and even more so for parents.

I remember for my daughter's 1st birthday party, we went above and beyond to make sure it was fun and memorable for everyone.

And it was a great time.

I just wish I'd heard about the 1st Anniversary Time Capsule idea sooner so we could have created one for her as well, but maybe we can still do it for her next birthday even if it's not really the same.

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What is a first anniversary time capsule?

A first birthday time capsule is basically a collection of memories, collectibles, and other fun things related to your baby's first birthday.

All these souvenirs can be kept in a box.

You can even get beautiful custom wood decorations.Etsy box.

How do I make a time capsule for the first anniversary?

Creating the first anniversary time capsule is super easy.

All you really need are all the items you want to put in the time capsule and thecrateyou want to use them.

And that.

When do you give your child the time capsule?

You wait until your child turns 18 or 21 and give them the time capsule on their first birthday as a sweet, sentimental keepsake.

Of course, you can open the time capsule earlier or wait even longer, but traditionally it's closed until at least the 18th birthday.

What do you put in a time capsule for a first anniversary?

There are tons of great ideas for what to put in a 1st anniversary time capsule, and the possibilities are endless.

Here are some good ideas to get you started:

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that day's newspaper

Be sure to keep a copy of the newspaper that came out on your first birthday.

It could just be a small local newspaper, or one of the big ones like the New York Times, or both.

Adding the newspaper is a great way to show your child what was happening around the world when he celebrated his first birthday.

And a great opportunity to teach them the differences in the political landscape from then to now.

birthday invitations

Add a birthday invitation that you used to invite friends and family to your special party.

If you had a virtual one, you can still print it out and add it.

first birthday party decorations

Did you have a super fun first birthday party with a special theme?

Save some of the small decorations and add them to the time capsule too.

We made our daughter's first birthday monkey or jungle themed and I still have some of the decorations from that day.

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it was hot

If you had a personalized birthday cake with youit was hotBe sure to keep those too to add to the time capsule.

birthday cards

Gather all the birthday cards that came with the birthday gifts from family and friends and throw those in the mix too.

They also have great sentimental value should one of your grandparents or great-grandparents who were present that day die until they reopen the first anniversary time capsule.

Of course, I hope that doesn't happen.

Ask the guest to contribute to the first anniversary

You can ask all birthday people in advance to bring something small to contribute to the time capsule when they come to the party.

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It could be anything your baby loves at the time, or a special memory shared by your baby and a family member at the time.

Letter to your future son

In the future, write your child a handwritten personal letter.

This letter can really contain anything you can imagine.

You can write down your hopes and dreams for your child's future, tell him a funny story that happened in his first year of life and how much you love him.

first birthday outfit

Be sure to also include the outfit your baby wore on the big day.

We want a tailored shirt for every birthday simply because it makes a great keepsake.


Print the best party photos and any other photos you can think of during the first birthday.

Guest list first anniversary

This could be as simple as a simple list of names of people who attended the birthday party, or you could have each guest take a photo and add a personal note on the back or beside their name on the list.

Handprint or footprint of this day

I don't think I'll accepthandprintand your baby's footprint will always age like a memory.

Imagine your adult child later seeing how tiny his hands and feet were when he was 1 year old.

My parents did something similar when they built their house (I was less than a year old at the time).

Would you take my hand andfootprintThe custom tiles for the fireplace in her living room are engraved with my name and date and I still love seeing these very special memories in her home.


As you probably know, stamps are collectibles that can increase in value over the years.

If your child is lucky, it could be worth a lot of money when you open the time capsule.

Grocery receipt or grocery advertisement

This is a great way to show them how the prices of different items have changed over time.


Especially when you have the basics like a gallon of milk or a loaf of bread.

interesting facts

Create a datasheet with information such as:

  • the current president
  • Current exchange rates
  • Current stock prices (if you like them)
  • How much is a gallon of gasoline that day

And whatever else you can think of.

Top 10 stops that day

Music is another thing that keeps changing and going in different directions over the years, so it's a good idea to print a list of the top 10 charts from the first anniversary or, better yet, the top 10 songs to transfer to a CD.

One of her favorite toys

This doesn't mean you're taking it from them - don't worry, you can always smuggle it into the box a little later if they're no longer interested in the toy.

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Be creative and create a graph of your currentGenealogywith them as the newest member of the family.

It will be so interesting how many new family members will be added to the family until your child grows up.

Empty baby food container with her favorite foods

Was your baby crazy about a certain food you fed him as a baby?

Be sure to wash one of her favorite baby food jars really well and put that in the box as well.

Floor plan or photo of current home

Get a floor plan or photos of the house you currently live in, including the address, and add that to the box as well.

It's a great way to show your child where they spent their first year of life, and if you still live there when you grow up, you can show them what's different about your home now.

popular magazine

To show your child which celebrities were the most talked about at that time.

business cards

Some collectible cards are also collector's items and can later bring you a good amount of money.

Pokémon cards are a good example.

(Video) Twenty Five | Birthday time capsule

Family favorite restaurant menu

If you have a favorite restaurant that you would take your toddler to all the time, make sure you get a paper menu to put in the box and circle the dish your toddler liked best.

Print a Google map where you can mark places

This is another great idea, especially if you're moving house at some point.

Print out a map of your neighborhood and start by walking around your house.

Then you can circle around to a few other places, like the playground you would take your son to, his best friend's house, his favorite restaurant, and the store where you would buy groceries together.

Coin with her year of birth

Probably the best way to find a coin made in the year you were born is to keep your eyes peeled if someone finds your wallet or ask friends and family to keep an eye out for that year.

You can also get one from your local bank.

brothers drawings

If your baby is a little sibling, you can ask the older brother or sister to create a drawing for the little sibling and add that to the time capsule as well.

I hope this post has given you lots of good ideas on what to add to your baby's first birthday time capsule and how to create one.

Got a bright idea of ​​what else should be in the time capsule?

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What do you put in a 1st birthday time capsule? ›

Here are a few examples of what you can include in a First Birthday Time Capsule. You will want to fill the time capsule with pictures. These can be photos of the pregnancy, the ultrasound, and newborn & family photos. These would-be documents list his or her birth weight, height, hair and eye color, and handprints.

What 3 things would you put in a time capsule? ›

Items to put in your time capsule
Advertisements - CurrentDiaryNews of the day
Bank Statement & ChequesInternet InformationRecipes
Bible & Prayer BookInterviews with local dignitariesScientific magazines
BiographiesInvitations to Past & Current EventsSlide Rule
BlueprintsIQ TestStamps & Coins
14 more rows

What are good items to put in a time capsule? ›

DIY Time Capsule Ideas:
  • Their favorite fashion trends from a magazine.
  • A newspaper published on their birthday.
  • Certificates/ribbons from sports games.
  • School papers/art projects.
  • Photos from the past year/years.
  • Party items such as confetti.
  • A book with a special note.
Dec 26, 2018

Should a 1 year old use a tablet? ›

The American Academy of Pediatrics says to wait until after 2 years old to put a tablet in their hands. PBS encourages you to wait until preschool.

What do you buy for a child turning 1? ›

Educational toys are always a big hit with children of this age, as these first years are a crucial time in a young child's development and the best way for them to learn is through play. Toys that help develop key developmental skills such as hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills are ideal.

What not to put in a time capsule? ›

Avoid staples, paper clips, and rubber bands. One easy way to keep documents separated is to use a permanent paper sheet in between items. You can write on the paper to show who donated it, or use paper forms made up for donated items. These donation forms become an important part of your time capsule.

What is the most famous time capsule? ›

1. Revere Reveal: 1795–2014. A copper box filled with colonial artifacts selected in 1795 by none other than Paul Revere and Samuel Adams is widely accepted as the oldest American time capsule. The box was laid beneath the cornerstone of Boston's State House on July 4, 1795, as the site was dedicated.

What is the best time capsule container? ›

The container should be non-corrodable. By far the best modern material for burial is stainless steel which is relatively cheap, easily fabricated and stable in adverse conditions. The capsule should be welded shut (difficult to open but will provide an excellent seal if the welding is done well).

How long should a baby's first birthday be? ›

Keep the party brief — an hour and a half to two hours at the most — so your baby won't be a wreck when the party's over or, worse, in the middle of it all.

What makes a 1 year old happy? ›

One-year-olds rely heavily on your guidance and reassurance as they start to explore their world. Many of your child's joyful and happy experiences will occur through their loving interactions with you. Happiness also comes when children feel a sense of meaning and purpose in their lives.

Why is 1st Birthday important? ›

1st birthday is no less than a milestone in the life of parents and the child both. After all the struggles, survival and growth they achieve this together. So it becomes a special day to celebrate. Its the day when reminiscent of the birth of a baby, the experience of being new parents came all over through in mind.

How can I make my first birthday unique? ›

So instead, here are 6 simple ways to make Baby's 1st birthday meaningful and unique.
  1. Get the photos done right. Don't rely on your phone camera for this one! ...
  2. Give Baby a new first experience. ...
  3. Write a letter to Baby. ...
  4. Plant a tree. ...
  5. Go out for dinner (without Baby!) ...
  6. Keep the party simple.
Feb 26, 2019

What food to serve at a one year old birthday party? ›

One-year-olds enjoy a variety of foods, so consider putting together a "baby buffet" with things like cheese cubes, mini sandwiches, crackers, bananas, muffins, yogurt, applesauce, pasta, hard-boiled eggs, lean proteins, and more.

How do you plan a 1 year old birthday party? ›

Follow these tips for making sure the day doesn't end in tears.
  1. Limit the guest list. ...
  2. Plan around your baby's naptime. ...
  3. Don't pick the weekend right after their 12-month shots. ...
  4. Don't overload yourself. ...
  5. Accommodate all ages. ...
  6. Take pictures ahead of time. ...
  7. Set realistic expectations. ...
  8. 4 simple washi tape birthday decor ideas.
Apr 1, 2022

Should a 1 year old have screen time? ›

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends that babies younger than 18 months get no screen time at all. The exception to this rule is video chatting with grandparents or other family members or friends, which is considered quality time interacting with others.

How much screen time should a 1 year old have? ›

For 1-year-olds, sedentary screen time (such as watching TV or videos, playing computer games) is not recommended. For those aged 2 years, sedentary screen time should be no more than 1 hour; less is better. When sedentary, engaging in reading and storytelling with a caregiver is encouraged.

How many should a 1 year old take? ›

Most one year olds eat 3 main meals and 2 snacks. That may vary based on whether there are bottles or breastfeeding in the mix.

What is the best gift for 1 year baby girl? ›

Giggles - Chain Links, Multicolour Interlocking Educational Blocks, Improves creativity and Construction blocks for kids, 6 months & above, Infant and Preschool Toys
  • Toys & Games.
  • Early Development & Activity Toys.
  • Push Ride-Ons.
  • Sound Toys.
  • Stuffed Animals.
  • Kids' Furniture.
  • Girls' Hair Accessories.
  • Baby Girls' Clothing.

What should I do after my baby turns 1? ›

Offer milk at meals and water at snack time and throughout the day as needed. There is no need for juice, and in fact, juice can fill baby up with empty calories which decreases appetite for more nutrient-dense foods. Begin phasing out the bottle. Stick to cups at meals and snack times.

What baby items are not necessary? ›

Getty Images.
  • A Changing Table. This is one piece of furniture for the nursery you can definitely skip. ...
  • Wipe Warmer. ...
  • Diaper Disposal System. ...
  • Special "Baby" Detergent. ...
  • Bassinet. ...
  • Expensive Crib Bedding. ...
  • High Chair. ...
  • Baby Food Processor.
Dec 4, 2022

What to put in time capsule 2022? ›

Here are some ideas for what you can put inside a time capsule:
  • Newspaper from the day they were born.
  • First rattle or spoon.
  • A favorite outfit.
  • Pictures.
  • A letter to the baby.
  • Recorded baby coos and giggles.
  • A birth announcement and birthday party invitation.
  • A hand and footprint.
Nov 28, 2022

How long is a time capsule stored for? ›

For a personal time capsule, 10 to 30 years may be enough, whereas a generational time capsule meant for your grandchildren may need to last 60 to 70 years. If you want your capsule to be opened at an even later date, you will want to start planning the logistics.

What is golden time capsule? ›

G & G Pharmacy Golden Time Capsule is an ayurvedic preparation which is useful in stress, fatigue, exhaustion, general weakness and loss of libido. Key Ingredients: Shilajit.

What is time capsule tradition? ›

Time capsule tradition is such methodology in which goods, coins and other stuff are put in a box or cache with a deliberate effort to provide information to the historians to facilitate than with past occurrence.

Are you supposed to bury a time capsule? ›

Contrary to popular imagination, time capsules do not have to be buried. A good time capsule -- one that successfully preserves its contents before it is next opened after a planned period of time -- requires only: A good storage container. A good place to keep the storage container.

What is the best shape for a time capsule? ›

Some people prefer the look of the tube or cylinder shape. This is a personal preference. The box shape is most practical for most archives items such as books, papers, and memorabilia – and those kinds of items are commonly placed in time capsules.

How long should you bury a time capsule? ›

You can safely bury any Future Line Family or School Time Capsule for up to 50 years or more.

What do you write in a child's time capsule? ›

What to Write in a Time Capsule Letter to Your Child
  1. imparting life wisdom.
  2. giving encouragement for the future.
  3. sharing memories of the time spent with child (or any other time spent together)
  4. including photos or other mementos that will be special to the child later in life.
Feb 26, 2022

What do you bring to a 1 year olds birthday? ›

Your 1-year-old is just learning how to pretend, so collect toys that are age-appropriate and that will enhance imaginative play. Consider baby dolls, toy trucks, and play food (although these are usually best for older toddlers, given their small size).

What is a time capsule for baby birth? ›

A baby time capsule is a container or box that holds historical records or things that represent the current time and culture. It's like a snapshot in time. The time capsule is then kept/ preserved for the baby until he/she is older. Many people preserve the time capsule until their baby turns 18.

What are some famous time capsules? ›

Here's a look at seven of these blasts from the past.
  • Revere Reveal: 1795–2014. ...
  • The Safe Side: 1876–1976. ...
  • Near Miss: 1894–2015. ...
  • Touching Base: 1913–2017. ...
  • About Scouts: 1961–2010. ...
  • Scrunchies and Cookies: 1987–2012. ...
  • Car Wreck: 1957–2007.

What is a nice gift for a 1 year old? ›

  • Skip Hop 3-in-1 Scooter Wagon. ...
  • Melissa & Doug Wooden Shape-Sorting Grocery Cart. ...
  • Eric Carle The Very Hungry Caterpillar Train Set. ...
  • Retrospec Cricket Baby Walker. ...
  • Melissa & Doug Peek-a-Boo Touch and Feel Puzzle. ...
  • Edushape Sensory Balls for Baby. ...
  • Melissa & Doug Go Tots Barnyard Tumble.
Jan 10, 2023

What is the best gift for a 1 year old baby? ›

She also notes that toys with high-contrast colors make for some of the best gifts for one-year-olds. “And soft toys, like stuffed animals, are great for your one-year-old to interact with, especially when you join in,” Low Kapalu adds. Finally, books always make the list of gift ideas for one-year-olds.

How many hours can a baby stay in a capsule? ›

The general recommendation from safety organizations is 2 hours, particularly if sleeping, is long enough for a baby/toddler in a car seat/capsule.

What should I look for in a baby capsule? ›

Check to make sure there's no slack or looseness in any part of the restraint. Check the firmness of the harness straps, the seatbelt anchoring the car seat or booster to the vehicle, and the top tether. Always use a top tether strap for a rear and forward facing car seats, and booster seats that have them.

How do I organize my 1 year old birthday party? ›

10 Tips for Planning an Unforgettable First Birthday Party
  1. Create a Small Guest List. ...
  2. Plan Around Your Baby's Schedule. ...
  3. Send Invitations. ...
  4. Keep the Party Environment Baby-Friendly. ...
  5. Choose a Birthday Party Theme. ...
  6. Shop for Fun, Bright Decorations. ...
  7. Prepare Kid and Adult Snacks. ...
  8. Consider Having Two Birthday Cakes.
Oct 12, 2022


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