Compare Alteryx to Dataiku Data Science Studio (2023)

Alteryx can be used to accelerate or automate your business processes and enable geospatial and predictive solutions. The platform helps companies answer business questions quickly and efficiently and can be used as a key building block in a digital transformation or automation initiative. With Alteryx, you can create processes that are more efficient, repeatable, and less error-prone. Unlike other tools, Alteryx is easy to use even without IT experience. The platform is very robust and can be used in almost all industries and functional areas.

With Alteryx you can:

  • Prepare, combine and analyze data
  • Deliver better, faster business outcomes
  • Automate analytics and data science
  • Integrate intelligent decisions
  • Deliver and share analytics in hours

Alteryx features include:

Alteryx's most valuable features include:

Scalability, stability, flexibility, fast performance, codeless analysis, data processing, breaking up business logic, scheduling, ease of use, combining data from different platforms, georeferencing, good customization features, drag-and-drop functionality, interface, intuitive UI, connectors, machine Learning, macros, simple GUI, Python integration, good data transformation, good documentation, merging multiple databases, and easy deployment.

Alteryx can be used to:

  • Combine and edit data in spreadsheets: Alteryx can be used in situations where complex data manipulation is taking place. It can process big data quickly and the process is much easier to see and understand.
  • Database access and SQL development supplementNote: Alteryx has several sets of connectors and database features, including many features that a regular database does not have. Alteryx can work with data from multiple databases or ranges within one database. Users can use it to filter, sort, calculate, etc. like they normally would in SQL or an ETL tool.
  • API, cloud and hybrid access: Alteryx can read and write data to databases, files, REST APIs, and countless other places (with the right permissions). When a workflow is published, you can also call it via a REST API to start it.
  • data science: Alteryx offers pre-built templates that are extremely useful for data scientists with potentially limited programming skills, and also offers the ability to insert R or Python code directly into a workflow.
  • geospatial analysis: Alteryx provides users with drag-and-drop tools to geocode, plot, and map locations, customers, competitors, or anything that has a location (employee, truck, pipeline, etc.).
  • Reports and Dashboards: Alteryx offers built-in tools that you can use to create reports and dashboards.

Alteryx Benefits

The benefits of using Alteryx include:

  • Saves time:Alteryx helps reduce the time it takes to start analyzing data and searching for insights, minimizing tasks that don't add value to the business, and maximizing the analysis phase.
  • Delete tool settings:Alteryx offers simple, clean tool configurations that are quick and easy to configure.
  • Excellent workflow compatibility.
  • Reduced development time:Alteryx has an extensive gallery of custom developed analytics applications that help reduce development time.
  • Fast data loading:Alteryx has tools that make it very effective when working with large datasets.
  • No-code and low-code analysis building blocks:You can prepare, combine, and analyze data to enable highly configurable and repeatable workflows.
  • machine learning:With Alteryx, you can quickly create properly trained algorithms that are ready for use.

real user reviews

"automationit is the most valuable aspect for us. The ability to wrap business logic around the data is very helpful."- Theresa M., Senior Capacity Planner at a financial services company

“Through Alteryx we have become more agile andincreases the speed and effectiveness of decision-making."- Richard F., Director of Digital Experience and Media at Qdoba Restaurant Corporation

planning functionbecause the automation is great."- Data Analytics Engineer at a technology services company

“The product isvery stable and super fast, five stars. It's significantly more stable than its closest competitor."- Director at a non-tech company

"A complete solution withvery good user experience and nice user interface.“- Solution consultant at a technology services company

"There are manygood customization options."- Advance Analytics PO at a Pharma/Biotech company

Dataiku Data Science Studio is the collaborative data science software platform for teams of data scientists, data analysts, and engineers to more efficiently explore, prototype, build, and deploy their own data products.

Dataiku Data Science Studio is also known as Dataiku DSS. With this solution, you can discover, share, and reuse code and applications so you can easily deliver high-quality designs and accelerate your journey to production. As a leader, you can harness the power of AI to make confident business decisions.

With Dataiku, an intuitive user interface is guaranteed, allowing users to access and work with data in a point-and-click manner. Dataiku analyzes the data to suggest important transformations. Dataiku not only offers 109 data transformation functions, but also pipelines that can be generated in SQL and later scheduled for automatic recalculation.

In addition, with Dataiku you can create over 20 different types of charts and deploy them on dashboards or create custom web applications to use sophisticated interactive visualization tools.

Additionally, Dataiku gives you the ability to perform in-depth statistical analysis including but not limited to: curve fitting, univariate and bivariate analysis, principal components analysis, correlation analysis, and statistical testing.

Dataiku Data Science Studio consists of:

  • data preparation
  • visualization
  • machine learning
  • data operations
  • ML operations
  • Analytical Applications

With Dataiku Data Science Studio you can:

  • Integrate any data 10x faster
  • Build and automate sophisticated data pipelines
  • Create and share insights in minutes
  • Conduct thorough statistical analysis
  • Create thousands of templates to find the best ones
  • Discover and explain models

Benefits and Features of Dataiku Data Science Studio:

  • Use your favorite languages ​​and tools: You can create code by working with tools you already know in your favorite language (Python, R, SQL, etc.).
  • Easy code reuse and sharing: This feature helps reduce inefficiencies and inconsistent data. Dataiku includes project libraries that allow teams to centralize and share code. While it comes preloaded with task starter code, it also gives you the option to add your own code snippets.
  • Simplify the complexities associated with connecting to data and configuring computing resources: This capability allows data scientists to run code containerized and distributed, and choose the runtime environment they want. Dataiku is working on maintaining these containers and shutting them down when the work is done.

Features users find most valuable:

  • API
  • Reports/Analysis
  • Third Party Integrations
  • Data import/export
  • Natural Language Processing
  • search/filter
  • monitoring
  • Workflow-Management

real user reviews

PeerSpot users note that Dataiku Data Science Studio has a fantastic user interface, in addition to being flexible, intuitive, and stable. A user said "I like the user interface, which is probably my favorite part of the solution. It's really easy to use for an IT person." Another user mentioned, "The best feature is the user interface. It allows us to see the visual flows."

KNIME is an open-source data science authoring analytics software built on top of a GUI-based workflow, eliminating the need to know code. The solution has an inherent modular workflow approach that documents and stores the analysis process in the same order in which it was designed and implemented, ensuring that intermediate results are always available. KNIME supports Windows, Linux and Mac operating systems and is suitable for companies of all sizes. With KNIME, you can perform functions ranging from simple I/O to data manipulation, transformation, and data mining. It consolidates all functions of the entire process into a single workflow. The solution covers all major data manipulation and machine learning techniques and is based on visual programming.

KNIME Resources

KNIME has many valuable important features. Some of the most useful are:

  • Scalability through data manipulation (intelligent automatic caching of data in the background, maximizing throughput performance)
  • High extensibility through a well-defined API for plugin extensions
  • intuitive user interface
  • Import/Export von Workflows
  • Parallel execution on multi-core systems
  • Command line version for "headless" batch executions
  • Activities panel
  • reports and statistics
  • Third Party Integrations
  • Workflow-Management
  • local automation
  • Methanodenanschluss
  • combination of tools
  • Big Data Extensions

Benefits of KNIME

Implementing KNIME offers many advantages. The biggest advantages of the solution include:

  • Integrated Deployment:The integrated deployment of KNIME easily and automatically moves the selected model and the entire data model creation process to production, enabling continuous optimization in production and saving time by eliminating errors.
  • Elastic and hybrid version:KNIME's elastic and hybrid designs help reduce costs while dynamically covering times of high demand.
  • Metadata Mapping:KNIME allows full metadata mapping of all aspects of your workflow. In addition, KNIME offers blueprint workflows for documenting the nodes used, data sources and libraries as well as runtime information.
  • guided analysis: KNIME Guided Analytics Applications can be customized based on reusable components.
  • Powerful Analytics, Local Automation, and Workflow Differences:KNIME uses advanced machine learning and predictive algorithms to give you the analytics you need. Combined with powerful analytics, KNIME's automation features and workflow differences arm your organization with the tools it needs to make better business decisions.
  • Supports enterprise-wide data science practices:KNIME's deployment and management capabilities facilitate the production of data science applications and services, delivering actionable, reliable, and repeatable insights for the enterprise.
  • Helps you leverage insights from your data:Using KNIME ensures that the data science process immediately reflects changing requirements or new insights.

real user reviews

Below are some helpful reviews and comments from PeerSpot users currently using the KNIME solution.

A retired university professor says:“It can read many different file formats. It can easily organize your data,Exclude empty rows and exclude rows that are missing specific columns. You can make many changes internally that you can use JavaScript to inject the condition. It also has very good basic machine learning. It features decision trees, linear regression, and neural networks. It also has many text mining facilities. It's pretty complete.”

Benedikt S., CEO of SMH - Schwaiger Management Holding GmbH, explains: “All ETL-related functions are fantastic. This includes theConnectors to other programs, databases and the Metanode function.Technical support has been extremely responsive so far. The solution has a very strong and supportive community that shares information and helps each other solve problems. The solution is very stable. The initial setup is pretty simple and straightforward.”

Piotr Ś., test engineer at ProData Consult, says: “That's what I like bestworks almost instantly with Random Forest and other Forest nodes.”

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