32 time capsule ideas for baby's first year (2023)

Use these baby time capsule ideas to create a meaningful memory of your child's first year.

Are you preparing to celebrate your baby's first birthday? If so, you may be looking for some creative ideas to celebrate the milestone. A fun way to capture your child's first year is to create a time capsule.

A time capsule is a gift that lasts a lifetime. While it takes a bit of effort to collect everything, it'll be worth it when your child opens it on his 18th birthday. Filled with love and cherished memories, it'll be a walk down memory lane for both of you.

Do you need some inspiration? We have many helpful resources.time capsule ideas for babiesbelow.

32 time capsule ideas for baby's first year (1)


Why should you make a baby time capsule?

Baby time capsules are a fun way to celebrate your baby's life and create a lasting memory. They can also be a great way to teach your child about her personal history.

What is the point of a time capsule?

A baby time capsule is a container filled with items that represent your baby's life from pregnancy through the first year (though you can add them in subsequent years). The idea is to seal the baby's time capsule and reopen it on your child's 18th birthday.

How do you make a time capsule for a baby?

To make a baby time capsule, you will need the following items:

  • A container that will keep your baby's keepsakes safe from pests, bugs and sunlight (exposure to sunlight turns white items yellow).
  • Memories of baby's first year like ultrasound photos, hospital records, and milestone photos. For a more complete list, see below.
  • A list of all the parts included in the time capsule, including an explanation of why those items were chosen.
  • A heartfelt letter to your baby with your hopes and wishes for him as he reaches adulthood is a great idea.
  • A safe place to keep memories.

While you can seal this after baby's first year, it is not necessary. You can keep adding to it over the years. Write a letter to your child on each of his birthdays. Include at least one photo from the year to show how they have changed. Interview your child to get updates on his favorite foods, toys, and ambitions in life.

32 time capsule ideas for baby's first year (2)

What kind of container should I use for a time capsule?

People have been creating time capsules for centuries as a way to preserve historically significant items for future generations. While the contents of a time capsule can vary depending on the purpose, there are some basic guidelines to follow when choosing a container.

(Video) DIY Time Capsule | parejeda

First, the container must be made of a durable material that will not degrade over time. Second, it should be big enough to hold all the items you want, but not so big that it's difficult to store. Finally, it must be airtight to protect the contents from moisture, mold, sunlight, and other environmental factors.

With these criteria in mind, the right container for your baby's time capsule depends on how you plan to store it.

Will it be in a temperature controlled environment inside your home? In that case, a decorative wooden box that you have designed for this purpose is a great choice.

However, if you plan to store the memory box in your basement, attic, garage, or outbuilding where temperatures and humidity levels fluctuate, an airtight plastic container would be best.

We do not recommend burying your baby's time capsule. There are many unknown factors that can affect the performance of the bin and items in the dirt, such as pH levels, soil moisture, etc. (Also, if you move and forget, that would be terribly disappointing!)

Can I make a time capsule if my child is older?

Absolutely! It's never too late to start preserving memories. For older children, rummage through their things to find as many baby keepsakes as you can. You probably have them hidden somewhere. Then add a few items each year. Favorite artwork, sports photos, certificates, and achievements are items worth adding as your kids get older.

32 time capsule ideas for baby's first year (3)

What do you put in a baby time capsule?

When choosing items for your baby's time capsule, you should try to incorporate both personal and cultural elements. Personal items may include letters from relatives, photos, and baby clothes. Cultural items can consist of headlines, current fashion trends, and popular toys. By including a mix of items, you can give your child a snapshot of what life was like during their birth year.

Here are some of our favorite baby time capsule ideas:

1. Baby announcement

Keep at least one copy of your birth announcement to place in your time capsule. Even if it's a digital birth announcement, print a copy on cardstock. Make it more durable by laminating it!

2. Ultrasound photos

Don't forget to include a few slides of your ultrasounds in your baby's time capsule. Pregnancy is such a precious time for parents, who look forward to the arrival of their child. These photos capture that special moment in time.

32 time capsule ideas for baby's first year (4)

(Video) Salt Lake Temple time capsule opened after 128 years

3. Baby Shower Photos

This is your baby's first party! Include a few photos of Mommy's tummy, the decorations, the people who were there, and of course, the delicious cake.

You can also include a list ofbaby shower giftsyou received and from whom.

4. Story about why you chose his name

Did you name your baby after a family member, historical figure, or celebrity? Or has she pored over baby books for weeks (or months) looking for the perfect name? Maybe you didn't know the name until she saw that sweet baby face. (Choosing the baby's nameit is difficult right?)

Either way, write a personal note with the story behind your child's name!

5. Story about how mom and dad met

Now this is a fun idea! How did you meet? What made you fall in love? When did you get married and where? When did you decide it was time to grow your family? Write everything down for your child.

6. Baby photos in the hospital

The baby is finally here! And because babies change so much during their first year, it's important to take plenty of photos to capture the first hours and days after birth. Include some photos of this new beginning in your time capsule. Don't forget to take a photo of the doctor who gave birth, the hospital room and the hospital building before you leave!

7. Baby footprints

Those little fingers are cute as can be. Include the footprint made at the hospital or make a few to add to the memory box.

32 time capsule ideas for baby's first year (5)

8. Baby Statistics

While you may think you'll remember every detail about your child's birth, memories fade over time. Add the details now while they are still fresh. This includes the time of birth, the baby's birth weight, the baby's weight when he left the hospital, hair color, eye color, and any other notable statistics or events.

9. Copy of the Birth Certificate

It is not only a happy reminder of that special day, but also has a practical purpose. Your son will need a copy of his birth certificate as he begins to navigate adulthood, so be sure to include a copy or two in your time capsule container.

10. Newspaper of the day the baby was born

Get a national or world newspaper so that your child can see the most significant and interesting facts from the day of his birth. Also include a local newspaper if your city still has one. Store newspapers in acid-free sleeves to prevent yellowing.

11. Current magazines

The magazines are a comprehensive representation of the latest fashions, the hottest celebrities, top sports figures, current events, and scientific achievements. Take a fashion magazine, a sports magazine or something like Time magazine to show you what the world was like at that time.

(Video) Opening a TIME CAPSULE Box!

12. Weather forecast on the day of birth

It doesn't have to be official. Just record the temperature, whether it was sunny, rainy, snowy, etc. It's a fun little detail that your child should know.

13. Written messages from siblings, friends and relatives.

Many people are excited about the arrival of their baby. Ask siblings to draw pictures or write notes to the baby. Ask grandparents, aunts, uncles, and close friends to include special little messages to add to the baby's first year time capsule.

14. Lots, lots of photos

While baby photos are important, you should also include some of these other photos in your first birthday time capsule:

  • The car you brought the baby home in
  • Mommy and daddy of babies (to see who the baby is more like)
  • The first house the baby lived in
  • Kindergarten
  • first vacation photos
  • historical photos
  • Family photos with the whole family: siblings, grandparents, aunts, uncles and friends.

15. Clothes to come home from the hospital

You've probably spent a lot of time choosing the perfect outfit to bring the new baby home. Save it forever by adding it to her collection of exclusive items.

32 time capsule ideas for baby's first year (6)

16. Hospital ID Bracelets

Include identification bracelets for babies and mothers.

17. Baby's first pair of shoes.

Those little feet! They are so precious, and the baby booties and booties are so adorable. Put that first perfect match in your first anniversary time capsule.

18. Baby Diary

Mothers often spend a lot of time reflecting on their pregnancy and baby journals, so they make wonderful additions to the first year capsules.

19. Map of where the baby first lived

Get a small map of your local area or print one from Google Earth. It will be fun to look back and see how much has changed when your child is in high school.

20. List of the 10 best songs on the day of birth

The hottest songs of the day are sure to get a laugh 18 years from now. Includes a top 10 list. If you want, burn them to a USB stick (legally, of course). A written list is probably best, because who knows if the same flash memory technology we have now will still be relevant almost two decades later. A list is a safer bet. Don't forget to include your child's favorite song, lullaby or lullaby, even if it's not in the top 10.

21. Printed money or coins minted in the year of birth

This is pretty self explanatory, but take some dollar bills and/or coins that were made this year. It will be fun to see if they have changed when your child is an adult.

22. Best-selling book at the time of birth

What is the most popular book the day your baby was born? Include a copy of the book along with a printed top 10 list for her child to read later.

(Video) Opening My 2019 Time Capsule + Making Predictions for 2020!

23. First birthday party memories.

Your child's first birthday party is a very fun and special occasion! Remember to keep some of the following special items:

  • Photos of the baby, family, guests, cake and decoration
  • Some of the smaller decorations.
  • clothes used for the party
  • it was hot
  • Guest List
  • Letter with your favorite moments of the first year

32 time capsule ideas for baby's first year (7)

24. Baby T-shirts for First Year Holidays

You bought ALL THE SHIRTS for every holiday that first year, right? Baby's first Easter, 4th of July, Halloween, Christmas, etc. - they're pretty small right now, so add them to your memory box!

25. Baby's First Bib or Burp Cloth

It probably isn't pretty, especially if it gets worn a lot, but the first bib means lots of late-night and early-morning feedings and is a special part of the childhood journey.

26. Freshman Vacation Photos

From New Years to Christmas, capture all the major holidays with your baby and add them to the capsule. Also catch some of the silly holidays, like Shark Week, Talk Like a Pirate Day, or Dr. Seuss Day.

27. Lock of hair from the first cut

Keep a lock or strand of hair from your baby's first haircut. This is sometimes an emotional event for both mother and baby, and is a sweet reminder of baby's soft curls.

28. Baby's favorite toy.

There is always a toy that a baby loves more than all the others. Once it is no longer needed as a tranquilizer or used too often, add it to the capsule.

29. Baby's favorite book.

Your child may not have a favorite during their first year. However, you as a parent probably have a favorite baby book that means a lot to you. Add it to the box!

32 time capsule ideas for baby's first year (8)

30. Savings bonds

savings bondsthey are considered very safe investments and will be worth approximately double after maturity (20 to 30 years). Include some of them if you can afford it!

31. Memory Quilt Pieces

If you feel bad about ditching your baby's cute little clothes, the good news is that you don't have to forget about them entirely. Instead, cut squares out of the clothing to make quilted squares. Once you have enough pieces, you can make a memory quilt.

32. Family tree

Family histories are often lost as we live more independently of one another. Be sure to preserve these important things by creating a family tree. It will make a wonderful and meaningful gift for your child and is perfect for inclusion in a baby time capsule.

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A time capsule is a great way to preserve memories and capture your child's early years. We hope this post has given you some ideas on how to create your own baby time capsule. Be sure to pin it so you can come back to it later.

Did we miss something that you think should be included in a meaningful time capsule for baby's first year? Tell us in the comments!

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32 time capsule ideas for baby's first year (9)


What do you put in a time capsule for a baby's first birthday? ›

Here are a few examples of what you can include in a First Birthday Time Capsule. You will want to fill the time capsule with pictures. These can be photos of the pregnancy, the ultrasound, and newborn & family photos. These would-be documents list his or her birth weight, height, hair and eye color, and handprints.

What would you put in a 2022 time capsule? ›

Remember to include some everyday small objects for the finders to discover: Objects often carried on their person; such as a comb, a handkerchief, some coins, a wallet, a hair-grip, a pen, a lipstick or a piece of jewellery etc.

What to put a 1 year old to sleep in? ›

Your 1- to 2-year-old should still sleep in a safe, secure crib. Before a child's first birthday, blankets are not recommended because of the possible risk of SIDS. But at this age, it's OK to put a light blanket in your child's crib.

What not to put in a time capsule? ›

Avoid staples, paper clips, and rubber bands. One easy way to keep documents separated is to use a permanent paper sheet in between items. You can write on the paper to show who donated it, or use paper forms made up for donated items. These donation forms become an important part of your time capsule.

What is the most famous time capsule? ›

1. Revere Reveal: 1795–2014. A copper box filled with colonial artifacts selected in 1795 by none other than Paul Revere and Samuel Adams is widely accepted as the oldest American time capsule. The box was laid beneath the cornerstone of Boston's State House on July 4, 1795, as the site was dedicated.

What do I write to my future child? ›

Tell your child all about your past experiences. Explain what your life was like as a teenager and a young adult. Your child didn't know you at that age, so it's good to give them an insight to what you were like before starting a family. Write about where you lived, your memories, and fears.

How long should kids be in a capsule? ›

Your baby should only be in a car seat or capsule when travelling in a car. Car seats and capsules are not safe for your baby to sleep in when you are at home or at your destination. Babies often grow out of their capsules at around 6 months of age (or when they weigh around 9 kg).

What time do most 1 year olds go to bed? ›

Most toddlers are ready for bed between 6.30 pm and 7.30 pm. This is a good time, because they sleep deepest between 8 pm and midnight. It's important to keep the routine consistent on weekends as well as during the week.

What do 1 year olds sleep on at daycare? ›

Talk to the childcare center about leaving your one year old in the baby room for a few more months until he's ready to give up his morning nap. In toddler classrooms, children usually nap on cots (not cribs) in a darkened room with lots of other children. If it works, leave it alone.

How to get my 1 year old to sleep through the night without nursing? ›

5 Tips for Night Weaning Your Toddler
  1. Make nursing part of the bedtime routine. ...
  2. Gradually reduce the length of your overnight nursing sessions. ...
  3. Increase quality time during the day together. ...
  4. Get your partner involved in overnight feedings! ...
  5. Talk to your toddler – and gently tell them no.

What time of day is best for 1 year old birthday party? ›

If you're inviting guests with infants or toddlers, it's impossible to plan around everyone's differing nap schedules. But generally, earlier in the day is better for most kids. Consider a brunch party or afternoon shindig instead of something in the evening, and make sure the party is only an hour or two long.

What time should a 1st birthday party be? ›

Hosting a first birthday party at 10 a.m. means that guests have had breakfast (hours ago) and aren't expecting lunch, so you can serve light snacks, coffee, and cocktails alongside cake. It also means your baby is well-rested, as are your young guests.

How long should a first birthday party be? ›

Keep the party brief — an hour and a half to two hours at the most — so your baby won't be a wreck when the party's over or, worse, in the middle of it all.

Is baby's First Year the hardest? ›

For one thing, as parenting gets easier in some ways, it gets harder in others. The earliest years of parenting are most demanding of time and energy, most likely to cause “role overload,” and most disruptive to one's sleep, work, and marriage.

What is a smash cake for a baby? ›

What is a smash cake? In case you're unfamiliar, a smash cake is basically a tiny cake meant to be relished by your kiddo on her first birthday. And since 1-year-olds are pretty much lawless, that means she'll likely dig in by using her fingers, or “smashing” her face into it the second it's placed in front of her.

What can I do in memory of my baby? ›

Here are eight simple ideas that may help:
  • Name Your Baby. MachineHeadz. ...
  • Wear or Make Memorial Jewelry. Tim Robberts. ...
  • Write About Your Baby. i love images. ...
  • Plant a Memorial Tree or Garden. ...
  • Display an Angel Statuette. ...
  • Order a Memorial Plaque or Crystal. ...
  • Get a Special Teddy Bear or Pillow. ...
  • Donate to a Charitable Organization.
Sep 13, 2021

What is a good gift for a child's first birthday? ›

Those are ones that promote problem-solving, fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and more. Sensory toys, age-appropriate puzzles, musical instruments, play tables, and walkers are all winners, but the truth is, the type of toy you pick is less important than how kids play with it.

What is the first birthday of Child Called? ›

Ordinarily one would call a party for a first birthday a “first birthday party”, or might write “first-birthday party” if concerned about ambiguity. Phrase “first year birthday party” would not be used.

Are you supposed to bury a time capsule? ›

Contrary to popular imagination, time capsules do not have to be buried. A good time capsule -- one that successfully preserves its contents before it is next opened after a planned period of time -- requires only: A good storage container. A good place to keep the storage container.

Where is the best place to bury a time capsule? ›

Traditionally, people buried time capsules in their garden or beneath a new building that was being built in the local area. This is a good option if you want strangers to stumble upon it in the future, or if you're putting together a time capsule with a community group. Keep it secure.

What is the best time capsule materials? ›

Although buffered papers are better for most items, use unbuffered, acid- free, lignin-free papers and boards to separate black-and-white photographs and protein-based materials, such as leather. (Buffered papers are better for most long-term storage because acids can build up over time, even in acid-free paper.

What was in the Disney time capsule? ›

Just what was inside? Well, there was a limited-edition 15th anniversary commemorative coin for Disney's Contemporary Resort, name tags… …and more!

What is golden time capsule? ›

G & G Pharmacy Golden Time Capsule is an ayurvedic preparation which is useful in stress, fatigue, exhaustion, general weakness and loss of libido. Key Ingredients: Shilajit.

What is the longest time capsule? ›

The largest time capsule in the world is located in Seward, Nebraska, containing over 5,000 items, one of which is a Chevy Vega. It opens in July 4, 2025.

What is the best shape for a time capsule? ›

Some people prefer the look of the tube or cylinder shape. This is a personal preference. The box shape is most practical for most archives items such as books, papers, and memorabilia – and those kinds of items are commonly placed in time capsules.

What questions would you ask a time capsule? ›

General Time Capsule Questions:
  • What is today's date?
  • What is the weather like today?
  • What is your current outfit of choice?
  • What is your favorite TV show?
  • What is your most played song?
  • What are you most grateful for?
  • What are your current goals?
  • Who is your current hero?
Nov 18, 2020

How do you wish a child for bright future? ›

Classic Ways to Wish Someone a Bright Future

"I'm sending you good luck and good vibes for this exciting new chapter.” Let the other person know you're wishing them a bright future and sending along a bit of positive energy. It can't hurt! "Wishing you all the best along each step of your journey.

How do I write about my child? ›

Introduce yourself, your child, and your family structure. Let the teacher know if they have a nickname and what pronouns they use. Talk about their strengths and their weaknesses. Try to remove yourself from the situation and speak neutrally about your child.

How many hours can a baby stay in a capsule? ›

The general recommendation from safety organizations is 2 hours, particularly if sleeping, is long enough for a baby/toddler in a car seat/capsule.

How many items are in a kids capsule wardrobe? ›

A kid capsule ideally includes between 12-14 items of everyday wear. That means each season they need roughly 6 tops, 5 bottoms, and a dress for girls.

How do you know when baby is too big for capsule? ›

Babies can keep using the capsule as long as they weigh less than 13kg AND their shoulder level is at or below the slot where the shoulder strap comes out of the capsule.

Is it OK to give a 1 year old a tablet? ›

The American Academy of Pediatrics says to wait until after 2 years old to put a tablet in their hands. PBS encourages you to wait until preschool.

At what age do you stop using a baby capsule? ›

A baby capsule is deal for newborns and designed for use up to 6 months of age, or older, subject to their shoulder height. It is, without exception, installed in a rear-facing position. All baby capsules consist of a stay-in-car base and a removable baby capsule.

What should you not put in a time capsule? ›

Avoid staples, paper clips, and rubber bands. One easy way to keep documents separated is to use a permanent paper sheet in between items. You can write on the paper to show who donated it, or use paper forms made up for donated items. These donation forms become an important part of your time capsule.


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